Understanding the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract – Part 2

Section 2 – “Financing” Section 2 of the Real Estate Purchase Contract is termed “Financing”. It would be difficult for a buyer to complete this section without first speaking with a lender. The financing section consists of Lines 54 thru 90. If you don’t have a copy of a blank Arizona Residential Purchase Contract to […]

Understanding the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract – Part 1

Section 1 – “Property” Section 1 of the Real Estate Purchase Contract is termed “Property”. The entire 9-page contract has identifying line numbers, and this particular section is numbered 1 thru 53. As we break down each section, you will notice that some portions of the contract are also identified by “1a”, “2b” and so […]

Understanding of the Arizona Residential Purchase Contract

Arizona Purchase Contract-Part 1

If you have purchased a home or made an offer on a home in Arizona, you probably are familiar with the standard Purchase Contract, aka “Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract”. If you have seen this document, the question arises, “Did you really understand the meaning of each section?” This introduction to the Real Estate […]

Look for a Possible Name Change in Phoenix Mart

We previously wrote some articles about the new Phoenix Mart in Casa Grande. Due to the sluggish economy, we decided to put the updates on hold for a while. You may review these at the end of this article. So what exactly is this new project called Phoenix Mart? When completed, Phoenix Mart will be […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – February 2015

Compared to last month, February home sales looked a lot more promising. Although January produced no excitement in the housing market, February ended with a bang. The information below will let you know why February did so well and provide reasons why we are hopeful for 2015. The inventory has been weak as of late […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – January 2015

Well, 2015 is here! We keep hearing the market will improve this year over last. Let’s hope January is not an indication of this improving housing market. Here is a closer look at the housing numbers for January 2015: As expected, the number of listings for January was up 4% to 21,159. This compares to […]

Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – December 2014

We have been reporting the Tucson housing statistics for the past several years. It has been apparent, due to the slow housing recovery, that these sale numbers have changed very little over the past 4 or 5 years. Even though the numbers have been a little better year after year, there has been no substantial […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – December 2014

Although sales for December looked promising, we cannot come to the conclusion that the Phoenix housing market is getting stronger. Below are some of the reasons why the numbers looked attractive for December 2014. Sellers do not want to be bothered over the holidays with buyer traffic, so they decide not to put their home […]

Tucson Home Sales By the Numbers – November 2014

It appeared that the Tucson home sales were looking up, given the September and October numbers. However, in November sales were down 11% over October 2014. The only uptick was in Active listings, which increased 3% over the previous month to 6,057. Total active distressed homes made up 10% of total active listings. This is […]

Phoenix Home Sales By the Numbers – November 2014

It is difficult to understand the sale numbers during the holiday season. With Thanksgiving come and gone, and Christmas right around the corner, there could be several reasons why the housing market sometimes shows skewed results. The sales for November are not encouraging, and as we mentioned, one explanation is the holidays. Active listings decreased […]